If your hardware or software is not running as it used to or is not running at all, call K&D. You will not be disappointed in the quality of the service or the price. We understand that not all people have hundreds of dollars to throw away on a new computer or service on an old one, which is more of a reason to bring your computer to K&D. We will get to the root of the problem in the timeliest and cost effective manner. Like we said before, there are NO hidden fees.
Service Prices
Our pricing for repair is very simple. We find the problem for NO CHARGE, and then we call you back within one business day with the results and let you know what the price will be to fix the problem. If you agree with the price of repair, we will fix your computer within three business days GUARANTEED.
In-Store Service
If you decide to bring your computer hardware or software into our store to be looked at by K&D, please make sure you do the following prior to coming in:
laptop repair

For a Computer Problem...

Bring only the computer to our store. You do not need to haul all the other cables and components. Bring any restore disks that came with the computer when you bought it. (Optional)

hardware repair

For a Hardware Problem...(CD-Rom, Floppy, ect.)

Bring the computer that the hardware is connected to. Bring any software that came with the hardware that is having the problem (Optional)

software problem

For a Software Problem...

The Computer in which the software is installed on. The CDs which the software program is on.

on site service

On-Site Service

When you decide to have K&D come out to your location to repair your computer hardware or software problem, there might be instances where K&D will have to take the computer back to our location to properly troubleshoot the problem.